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Spring Break 2024

| April 20, 2024

America is emerging from winter, and many will be ready for sun and fun. Spring Break is an important date in the nation’s leisure calendar: Morning Consult says that 30% of Americans had springtime travel plans last year, similar to numbers for the year before. It’s no wonder, as Spring Break is a perennial favorite.1

As a tradition, Spring Break is approaching the century mark. In the early 1930s, swimmers from Colgate University would trek from Hamilton, NY, to Fort Lauderdale, FL, for training. It wasn’t long before other colleges followed suit.

Pop culture played a big part in the legend of Spring Break. In 1960, a popular comedy film based on a hit novel from the same year, “Where The Boys Are,” dealt with four female students on their trip to Florida. The film also debuted a hit song of the same name for co-star Connie Francis. Thanks to the prosperity-enabled travel of the early 1960s and the heavy media influence, Fort Lauderdale became forever synonymous with Spring Break in the United States.2 

It’s essential to be safety-conscious on the highways and prepare for crowded airports and resorts as you travel. I’m hoping you have a safe and happy Spring Break! Send me a postcard, why don’t you?

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