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Preparing for Retirement

Bryan Gormley seeks to help you identify and define the retirement you envision, and develop strategies to help you pursue your lifestyle goals. We take a comprehensive approach to retirement planning, creating strategies that incorporate investments, financial planning, insurance and estate planning. Most importantly, we simplify the demands of managing your wealth to enable you to devote more time to your personal endeavors and your loved ones.

Before You Retire

Consider the following questions:

Do you have a 401(k) at a former employer?
Are your retirement plan assets properly aligned with your goals and outside assets?
Have you recently changed jobs or are you considering a job change?
Are you struggling to balance education costs with saving for your own retirement?
As you approach retirement age, will you be emotionally ready to stop working?
Will you be financially prepared?

These are among the many considerations and decision points you must work through to make confident decisions about how prepared you will be for retirement and when you will retire. Through comprehensive financial and investment planning, we can model different scenarios to help you determine the best time to retire as we help you prioritize your goals and develop a strategy designed with the goal to preserve and grow your retirement assets.

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After You Retire

Consider the following questions:

Will your income last the duration of your years in retirement?
Which pension distribution option makes the most sense for you?
How will you protect your income from unexpected events,
like market volatility, inflation or a serious illness?

When should you begin taking Social Security benefits?

Helping you pursue your goals and live the comfortable life you expect in retirement requires careful planning now. Through comprehensive financial and retirement income planning, we can help you determine how inflation, rising healthcare costs and market fluctuations may impact your income over time. We can also help you determine if Long-Term Care Insurance may be the right choice for you as you seek ways to protect your income and your lifestyle in retirement.

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